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     New recombinant antigens for lateral flow rapid test:

     Zika envelope protein specific for Zika antibody detection
Zika NS1 full length protein 

    Salmonella typhi OMP and H antigens for S. typhi IgG and IgM test

     Human papillomavirus 16  E6 
     Lassa virus capsid protein
     Mycoplasma pneumonia P116 protein


    Featured rapid test products :

     Zika antibody IgG/IgM rapid test under development

     Duo dengue NS1 and dengue IgG/IgM test kit   

        Dengue IgG/IgM rapid test:  sensitivity over 85%, specifity over 95%
        Dengue NS1 rapid test :        sensitivity over 85%, specifity over 95%   

    Somanella typhi IgG test under development,  please check with us.
    Mycoplasma Pneumonia IgM test  [M._Pneumonia_IgM_rapid_test.pdf
34.5 KB

    Hepatitis C virus antibody test   [HCV_IgG_rapid_test-new.pdf
32.0 KB

    H.  pylori IgG rapid test [ FDA  certified ]

      Virus antigens presenting as virus like particle (VLP) :

Group 2  Norovirus capsid
       Ebola-Z  glycoprotein

       Reagents for  gold conjugation  :
       Recombinant  S. typhi outer membrane protein for colloid gold conjugation
       Recombinant Toxoplasma antigen for colloid gold conjugation
       Paired monoclonal antibody for dengue NS1 rapid test
       Paired monoclonal antibody for S. typhi stool antigen test
       Paired antibodies for HBV rapid test
       Paired antibodies for infuenza A rapid test
       Paired antibodies for influenza B rapid test 
       Paired antibodies for RSV rapid test
       Paired antibodies for HIV1 P24 rapid test
       Standards for diagnostic product development :
       Recombinant cardiac fatty acid binding protein

       Recombinant cardiac troponin I protein 
       New virus antigens :             
       Recombinant Ebola zaire glycoprotein 

       Recombinant Ebola VP40
       Recombinant MERS-CoV spike protein
       Recombinant hepatitis B virus pre-S antigen
       Recombinant HBV surface antigen ( E. coli)

      Company News : 

       CE marker application for dengue NS1 and IgG/IgM rapid test  is in process
       Looking for regional distributor for product sale. 

       Customer service :

       Lateral flow immunoassay device development from gene to final product.




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