BioassayPlus Inc.
             1428 Argyle Road,  Windsor, Canada  

We  are  a  biotech  company  located   at   Windsor,  Canada,  our  city and Detroit see each other cross Detroit river.  We manufacture in vitro diagnostic reagents and lateral flow immunoassay products for global market.

Antigen and antibody development is our business core,  lateral flow immunoassay  product development and production is our business extension from our core.

Contract service is our another business, we  supply the service to help our customer to develop lateral flow immunoassay device from protein sequence to finished product; 
we also serve research institute or industry to develop  recombinant protein from E. coli or yeast expression system.

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The rapid test for Ebola IgG/IgM is available now,   we are cooperating with Biocan Diagnostics Inc. to conduct clinical evaluation in the West Africa, if you are interested in the free sample of  this  product,  please contact: or us.  
Lateral flow immunoassay devices:
Samples for Dengue NS1 rapid test are available now, if your are
               interested, please contact us, newly developed dengue NS1 rapid test
               can compete with the best product now in quality.

Our dengue virus IgG/IgM rapid test starts small quantity 

Our Mycoplasma Pneumonia IgM rapid test available now,
                especially for the test of low titer samples;

               Saliva HIV1/2 antibody rapid test available now.

New paired antibodies:

               Paired Norovirus antibody to prepare rapid test testing stool
               Norovirus antigen

               Paired antibodies dengue NS1 rapid test 

30 days p
romotion for recombinant proteins ending at 12-16:
                45.0 UDS/mg for HIV antigens for rapid test
                    rHIV-1 for conjugation and coating
                    rHIV-2 for conjugation and coating 

                45.0 USD/mg for dengue antigens for rapid test
                      Dengue P18 and P42 for conjugation



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