BioassayPlus Inc.
             1428 Argyle Road,  Windsor, Canada  

Our Goal and Mission

We  are  a  biotech  company  located   at   Windsor,  Canada,  our  city and Detroit see each other cross Detroit river.  We manufacture in vitro diagnostic reagents and lateral flow immunoassay products for global market.

Antigen and antibody development is our business core,  lateral flow immunoassay  product development and production is our business extension from our core.

Contract service is our another business, we  supply the service to help our customer to develop lateral flow immunoassay device from protein sequence to finished product; 
we also serve research institute or industry to develop  recombinant protein from E. coli or yeast expression system.

Collaboration request:
1. Lateral flow assay device available to test specific IgM /IgG to Ebola-Zaire VP40 , we look for a partner for trial test;

2.  Lateral flow assay device available to test specific IgM /IgG to Ebola-Zaire gp protein, we look for a partner for trial test;

3. Lateral flow assay device available to test specific IgM/IgG to Middle East SARS infection, we look for a partner for trial test.

Company News

We are in process to register our dengue NS1 and dengue IgG/IgM rapid test for CE mark now. 

We are in the process to establish ISO13485 quality control system now

Product Overview                           

 Lateral flow immunoassay products
  Dengue NS1 antigen rapid test  
engue IgG/IgM antibody rapid test 
  Hepatitis C virus antibody rapid test
Mycoplasma Pneumonia IgM antibody rapid test
  Saliva HIV 1/2 antibody rapid test

  New antibodies

  Monoclonal antibodies to HPV6/11, HPV16 and HPV18
  Monoclonal antibodies to Shiga like toxin 1B and 2B
  Monoclonal antibodies to Ebola zaire and sudan nucleoprotein
   comes  soon. 
  Paired antibody for Norovirus antigen stool rapid test
  Paired antibodies for dengue NS1 antigen rapid test 
  Polyclonal antibody for M. tuberculosis

recombinant proteins                
  Recombinant protein for Ebola zaire glycoprotien
  Recombinant protein for Ebola zaire VP40                    
  Recombinant spike protein for MERS-CoV
  Recombinant protein for hepatitis B virus pre-S
  Recombinant protien for HBV surface antigen 
  Recombinant antigens of Toxoplasma SAG1, SAG2, GRA6 and GRA8
  Dengue antigens for rapid test
  Paired HIV gp41 and gp36 for rapid test 

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