Bioassayplus Inc.      Products for infectious diseases
Antigens and antibodies 

Tropical Diseases

Dengue env for serotype 1 to 4
Dengue NS1 for serotype 1 to 4
Chikungunya virus E1 and E2
Zika virus envelope
Zika virus NS1 protein
Yellow fever envelope protein
West Nile virus envelope protein

Viruses for hemorrhagic diseases

Ebola-S nucleoprotein
Ebola-Z nucleoprotein
Ebola-Z VP40
Ebola-Z glycoprotein
Lassa  nucleoprotein
Lassa  GP1

Proteins for lateral flow rapid test

HCV mosaic protein for rapid test
T. pallidum P17 and P47
P. falciparum MSP1
P. vivax MSP1
P. micoplasma antigen
H. pylori antigen 
HIV1 gp41
HIV2 gp36
Paired antibody for dengue NS1
Ebola-Z protein 
Zika envelope protein 



 Rapid test and uncut sheet  

Dengue IgG/IgM rapid test
Dengue IgM over 85%,  Dengue IgG over 90%

Dengue NS1 rapid test
Sensitivity 75 to 85%

Duo dengue IgG/IgM and NS1 test 

T.  Pallidum antibody rapid test
(whole blood/plasma/serum)

Ebola-Z IgG/IgM rapid test

Zika virus IgG/IgM rapid test 
No crossreaction with dengue infection

HCV antibody rapid test
same sensitivity/specifity as CE registered product (whole blood/plasma/serum)

HBsAg rapid test 
(whole blood/plasma/serum)

HIV 1 and 2 rapid test 
(whole blood/plasma/serum)

Urine HCG rapid test (5mIU/ml,  strip/cassette)

Blood HCG rapid test (5mIU/ml, strip/cassette)

Urine luteinizing hormone rapid test (strip/cassette)

Heart troponin rapid test

(plasma and serum)

H. pylori antibody rapid test
(whole blood/plasma/serum)





Drosophila food, News and service

Fly food for Drosophila Lab 
 Seven food selections
 Customized food based on your receipe
 Freshly made weekly

 Canada drosophila Lab.
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 US drosophila Lab.   

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Quality control system :

ISO13485-2016 is under process  in the second phase for final certification. 

Contract service :

We offer the service to develop lateral flow immunoassay device from gene to product.

Looking for the business partner:

We are looking for the business partner to register the product in the regulatory authority.


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