Canada Immunoassay Development
                1428 Argyle Road,  Windsor, Canada  

       We are a biotech company located at  Windsor,  Canada, 
       our business is to serve diagnostic industry.

       There are two technology plateforms in our company, one
       is recombinant protein and polyclonal antibody develop
       -ment and production, another is lateral flow immunoassay
development and manufacture. Currently we are
       focusing on the rapid test products on infectious diseases
       and OEM production for global market.

       Contact service to develop rapid test product is our another
       business, detection of specific antibody for disease diagnosis
       is our interesting area now. We take the service from
       protein sequence to final rapid test product for you.      

       We serve research area and pharmaceutical  industry for
       protein expression in E. coli and yeast expression system
       ,  transient and stable expression in drosophila  and
       mammalian cell line such as CHO from protein  sequence
       to purified protein.

                            News  Room
   Lateral flow immunoassay devices:
               Our h
epatitis C virus antibody rapid test has been
               accepted by India company;

              Our dengue virus IgG/IgM
rapid test has been
              accepted by India company;

              Our M. pneumonia IgM rapid test trial in Taiwan now

     New antibodies for your product: 
               Antibody to test M. tuberculosis antigen in urine 

               Antibody to test T. vaginalis P65 for rapid test 

               New paired monoclonal antibody for dengue NS1 rapid test

    New recombinant antigens:

              Serum HPV typing antigen kit for HPV 6/11/16/18

                Hepatitis A virus VP3 antigen



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