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     Quality Control  

Product Quality Control :

 ISO13485-2016 is under process  in the second phase for final certification 

Reagent Quality Control:

1. Established rapid test     technical plateform.

2.  Lot specific test for each     material used for rapid test.

3.  Rapid test development  protocol is generated for the customers for each specific lot tested by in-house rapid test technical plateform 

Lateral flow Products 

Assay+  Dengue IgG/IgM rapid test
Dengue IgM over 85%
Dengue IgG over 90%
Performance Report :
247.4 KB

 ( 12 USD for uncut sheet, free sample  for evaluation )

Assay+  Dengue NS1 rapid test
Sensitivity 75 to 85%
Performance report come soon
 (19 USD for uncut sheet,  free sample for evaluation )
Assay+ Ebola IgG/IgM rapid test
 (Good result evaluated in African )

Assay+ Zika IgG/IgM rapid test
 ( No any crossreaction to dengue ) 

Assay+ HCV antibody rapid test

Assay+ Heart FABP rapid test

 Sensitivity 3ng/ml 

Generic Packing Products :

Pregnancy rapid test ( FDA 510K)

Ovulation rapid test (FDA 510K) 

Heart troponin T test ( FDA 510K)

 Sensitivity 3ng/m

H. pylori antibody rapid test ( FDA 510K )

 News and Report 

 1. Warning of Fake Dengue NS1 Rapid Test Product

Some fake dengue NS1 rapid test in the market now, they are either brand or OEM product, in the fake product,  additional dengue antigen conjugate added to the gold pad and anti-human IgM added to the test lien with dengue NS1 antibody to increase sensitivity, because certain amount dengue NS1 is associated with dengue IgM. 
2.  30 days developing time to finish Dengue NS1 rapid test 

Diagnostic industry used dengue NS1 paired antibodies is available now, this paired antibodies can turn to the product for the market within days without development time, the product prepared by this antibody has the sensitivity 75 to 85% with strong, we supply the protocol for product development.

Product insert One_step_to_dengue_NS1_rapid_test_antibodies.pdf
8.7 KB

3. One week to have dengue IgG/IgM rapid test

If you have difficulty to develop dengue IgG/IgM rapid test, we supply dengue antigen gold  conjugate pad for your development, one week to have quality product for the market.
Product insert: Dengue_antigen_conjugate_CGC.pdf
9.6 KB

4.  New ELISA reagent

Dengue - HRP for MAC  dengue IgM / IgG ELISA

Large quantity protein for rapid test 
1. Hepatitis C virus antigen and the protocol for the  product development.

2. Syphilis Treponenma Pallidum antigen and the protocol for the product development.

3. Malaria Pf and Pv antigen and the protocol for product  develop-ment.

4. H. Pylori antigen and the protocol for the product development.

5. Zika virus antigen and the protocol for product development

6. M. Pnemonia antigen and the protocol for product development   
7. Mosaic Cytomegalovirus antigen and the protocol for product development

8.  HIV1 gp24 and gp41, HIV2 gp36 are under development



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