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    1. Unique product     
       One step Zika rapid test to confirm Zika infection ( Uncut sheet and kit ) 
( Need information or  product insert, please contact )
        New product will ben available soon for Zika test without the interference by zika cross-reaction. 

2. Quality lateral flow immunoassay device
Dengue IgG/IgM rapid test ( uncut sheet and kit )   [ dengue antibody rapid test insert.pdf ]
159.9 KB

       Dengue NS1 rapid test  (uncut sheet and kit)            [  dengue NS1 rapid test insert.pdf ]
188.9 KB

       Duo dengue IgG/IgM and NS1 rapid test (uncut sheet and kit) 
                                                                                               [ duo_dengue_antibody___NS1_insert.pdf ]
178.2 KB

       Mobile quantitative troponin rapid test ( uncut sheet and kit)
       Hepatitis C virus antibody test                                    [ HCV_IgG_rapid_test-new.pdf ]
32.0 KB

Malaria antibody test for Pf and Pv will come soon.
    3. New antigens and antibodies for lateral flow rapid test

        Zika envelope protein specific for Zika antibody detection
        Dengue antigen kit for dengue IgG/IgM rapid test 
         Malaria antigens for Pf/Pv antibody test 
         Paired dengue NS1 antibodies for dengue NS1 rapid test
         Paired influenza A antibodies for influenza A antigen rapid test
         Paired influenza B antibodies for influenza B antigen rapid test
         Paired syncytial virus antibody for syncytial virus antigen rapid test
         Paired heart troponin antibody test for troponin rapid test
         Paired hepatitis B virus surface antibodies for HBV rapid test 
         Paired antibodies for HIV1 P24 rapid test

    3. Gold conjugate pad
         Gold conjugate pad for dengue IgG/IgM rapid test
         Gold conjugate pad for  dengue NS1 rapid test
         Gold conjugate pad for troponin rapid test  
         Gold conjugate pad for malaria antigen (Pf and Pv)              
     4. High quality unconjugated colloid gold ( order based on the required size below 535nm )                
Company News : 

         Looking for regional distributor for product sale. 

      6. Customer service :

          Lateral flow immunoassay device development from gene to final product.




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