Bioassayplus Inc.      Products for infectious diseases

HRP conjugate for MAC ELISA :

 Dengue env - HRP

Chikungunya env - HRP

 Mycoplsma  pneumonia antigen - HRP

Chlamydia pneumonia antigen-HRP

 S. Typhi H protein-HRP 

 Toxoplasma gondii antigen - HRP

 M.tuberculosis Moex - HRP for urine   Moex te

Antigens and antibodies for rapid test :

Hepatitis C virus antigen for rapid test

Treponenma Pallidum antigen for rapid test

H. Pylori antigen for rapid test 

Malaria Pf and Pv antigens for rapid test

Zika virus antigen for rapid test 

Ebola antigen for rapid test

Twenty seven paired monoclonal antibodies for ELISA and lateral flow assay


Dengue IgG/IgM rapid test
Dengue IgM over 85%,  Dengue IgG over 90%, tested in Pakistan and Malaysia

Dengue NS1 rapid test
Sensitivity 75 to 85%

Duo dengue IgG/IgM and NS1 test 

Treponenma Pallidum antibody rapid test

Ebola IgG/IgM rapid test

Zika virus IgG/IgM rapid test 
No crossreaction with dengue infection

HCV antibody rapid test

Heart FABP rapid test
Sensitivity: 3ng/ml

 Generic packing products:

Pregnancy rapid test (FDA 510K)

Ovulation rapid test (FDA 510K) 

Heart troponin T test(FDA 510K)

Sensitivity 3ng/m

H. pylori antibody rapid test
 (CE marker )






Quality control system :

ISO13485-2016 is under process  in the second phase for final certification 

 Contract service :

We offer the service to develop lateral flow immunoassay device from gene to product.

We offer the service to develop the immunoassay test such as ELISA test from gene to assay and test.

Look for distributors:

Distributors for our immunoassay reagent and rapid test products are welcome from Latin and South America, South East Asia countries, Bangladesh and Pakistan. 
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