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 Product name   Catalog number   Application
 Hepatitis B Virus    
HBsAg antigen (subtype adw ) ( Expression in CHO)  HBS (CHO)  RDT,  EIA, WB
Paired monoclonal antibody to HBsAg ( sensitivity 1ng/ml) 2-Mab-HBS  RDT, EIA, WB
Monoclonal HBsAg antibody conjugated with HRP Mab-HBS-HRP  EIA,  WB
Recombinant HBe antigen ( E. coli )  rHBe  RDT, EIA, WB
Recombinant hepatitis B core antigen ( HBc,  E. coli ) rHBc  EIA,  WB
Biotin-conjugated HBc  Bio-HBc  EIA,  WB
Monoclonal antibody to hepatitis B virus core antigen  Mab-HBc  RDT, EIA, WB
Recombinant hepatitis B virus Pre-S (subtype adw2)  HBV-pre-S  RDT, EIA, WB

 Hepatitis C virus
 Hepatitis C virus antigens ( one for label and two for coating, sensitivity ≥ 90%)  HCV-RDT RDT,  EIA, WB

T. Pallidum (Syphilis )
Recombinant T. Pallidum  17 ( E. coli )  TP17  RDT,  EIA, WB
Recombinant T. Pallidum 47 ( E. coli )
Recombinant T. Pallidum 0453 ( E. coli )
 TP0453  RDT,  EIA, WB
Recombinant T15-T17-T47 fusion protein   TP fusion   RDT,  EIA, WB
HRP -conjugated T15-T17-T47 fusion protein 
 HRP-TP fusion  EIA, WB
 Dengue virus    
 Dengue antigen for dengue IgG/IgM test   den-RDT  RDT,  EIA, WB
Paired mab to dengue NS1 ( comparable to the best rapid test in the market)   Mab-den-NS1  RDT,  EIA, WB
Recombinant  Malaria Pf MSP1  ( E. coli )  Pf-MSP1
Recombinant  Malaria Pv MSP1  ( E. coli )
 HCG and FSH test    
 Paired monoclonal HCG antibodies  2-Mab-HCG   RDT
 Paired monoclonal FSH antibodies  2-Mab-FSH  RDT
 M. Pneumonia    
 Recombinant M. pneumonia antigens   MP-antigen  RDT,  EIA, WB
 in vivo prepared M. pneumonia antigens 
 MP-in vivo  RDT,  EIA, WB
 Streptococcus group A    
Paired monolconal antibody to streptococcus group A ( rapid test )  2-Mab-strep A  RDT,  EIA, WB
 Ebola virus     
 Recombinant Ebola virus antigen for ebola IgG/IgM test ( E. coli )  EBO-RDT   RDT,  EIA, WB
 Monoclonal antibody to ebola virus   Mab-EBO   RDT,  EIA, WB
 Zika virus   
 Recombinant Zika virus antigen for zika IgG/IgM test ( E. coli)  Zika-RDT  RDT,  EIA, WB
 Monoclonal antibody to Zika virus   Mab-Zika   RDT,  EIA, WB
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